• ETG-30:SEAL UP TO 30″
  • ETG-32:SEAL UP TO 32″
  • ETG-36″:SEAL UP TO 36″
  • ETG-40″:SEAL UP TO 40″

ETG series stainless steel vacuum sealer with gas purging is engineered for heavy duty usage. It’s control system is powered by PLC controller and color touchscreen (HMI) for precise settings and user-friendly operations. The entire body is constructed with stainless steel to suite semiconductor, medical cleanroom standard and food industry requirements. Twin nozzles and high capacity vacuum ejector pump create high flow of vacuum suction. The Bi-Active impulse sealing system (top & bottom heating) seals all popular moisture barrier bag materials and anti-static pouches from 30” to 40” (bag opening length).


• Compatible for cleanroom application
• Stainless Steel Chassis
• High flow stainless steel retractable twin nozzles
• Twin nozzles with changeable pitch to pitch distance
• Clean, quiet, non-particle generating, 100% maintenance free air-driven vacuum ejector
• Object / Finger anti-pinch safety system
• Built-in emergency stop push button
• Easy set-up requires only compressed air, gas, and standard electrical outlet
• PLC Control & Touch Screen (HMI) system
• 10 programmable memory for vacuum time, gas time, seal time and cool time settings
• Password protection for setup page
• 5 Operation Modes: Vac-Gas, Gas-Vac, Vac-Gas-Vac-Gas, Gas-Vac-Gas-Vac & Seal Only
• Sealing only mode with nozzle extend
• Packing counter for production monitoring
• Visible and audible alarm
• Vacuum gauge
• High Performance Bi-Active impulse sealing system (top & bottom heating type)
• Electronic foot pedal switch activated